Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C.(c)

About Us

Ebrahim K. Kanoo is always keen to seek out new business opportunities and pioneer new industries while reiterating its commitment to quality and customer care.

In addition to being an automotive pioneer in the Kingdom, Ebrahim K. Kanoo has expanded into, Car care products, Mercantile, Leasing solutions, Management consulting, Industrial equipment and supplies, IT among other fields. The Group is also a trendsetter in new customer service standards in the face of the ever growing quality expectations.

Our Vision

Pioneer and excel at providing the best for our customers.

Our Mission

To improve performance and offer high quality standards in order to guarantee the best customer experience.

Our Goals

  • To exceed customer expectations.
  • To provide high-end products.
  • To provide comprehensive high standard services.
  • To expand and develop our presence throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain to serve our customers better.
  • To offer advanced training opportunities to our employees.
  • To support the local community and contribute to the development process in Kingdom of Bahrain.