Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C.(c)

The Group

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  • Vice Chairman’s Foreword

    Maintaining High Standards Throughout the years, Ebrahim K. Kanoo, the exclusive agent for leading international brands in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has managed to set high...

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  • Chairman’s Foreword

    Commitment to Excellence Ebrahim K. Kanoo has been a leader in the Kingdom of Bahrain's automotive sector for more than 60 years, continuously developing and modernising...

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  • About Us

    Ebrahim K. Kanoo is always keen to seek out new business opportunities and pioneer new industries while reiterating its commitment to quality and customer care. In addition to...

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  • Our History

    A Proud Heritage and a Bright Future Located in Bahrain, the family is best known for its extensive contribution to the national economy and for contributing to the business...

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  • Our Companies

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