Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C.(c)


Ebrahim K. Kanoo and Michelin arrange tyre training for Ministry of Interior staff

Ebrahim K. Kanoo, the sole distributor of Michelin tyres in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in coordination with Michelin AIM FZE, arranged a tyre training session for the Ministry of Interior’s staff at the Gulf Hotel. The session covered the technical basics of tyres, such as specifications and technology, storage, inflation, puncture repair, and road safety.

“It’s very important for drivers to understand the basics of tyre safety and how to handle tyres properly. Having even the most basic knowledge will not only save time and frustration, but can potentially save lives. This was an excellent initiative from the Ministry, and we are happy to be able share our advice and knowledge on this subject,” said Ebrahim K. Kanoo Tyre & Tyre Plus Divisions Senior Manager, Ahmed Saeed.

The Michelin Group’s global commitment to road safety is considered to be a reference model. “Michelin is a global leader in road safety innovation, not only through its product development but also in the area of driver care. Michelin’s wider corporate commitment to community safety and international programmes is an outstanding example to all businesses,” Mr. Saeed added.

A total of 48 Ministry employees attended the session, which took place over a period of three days.