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Ziebart Bahrain Hosts the 2016 Annual Middle East Managers Meeting

Ziebart Bahrain, a division of Ebrahim K. Kanoo and the sole Bahrain distributor of leading automotive detailing and protection solutions provider, Ziebart, hosted the annual Ziebart International Corporation Middle East Managers Meeting for 2016. The event, convened in December of every year, brings together some of the most prominent senior figures in the Ziebart international network to cover a wide range of topics, including the introduction of new products and services. It is also a platform for the discussion of relevant trainings and sales and marketing strategies, and conducting of year-end operational reviews.
“This year, I am proud to say that Bahrain was selected as the GCC Authorised Training Centre for Ziebart,” said Ziebart Bahrain General Manager, Mr. Jamie Bowen. “We have had some exciting new arrivals such as the new digital printing equipment, which our team has been extensively trained in using, and we are preparing a new offering of hydrophobic ceramic paint protection, which we will be introducing in 2017.”
The two-day meeting was attended by Ziebart International Corporation Vice President of International Operations, Mr. Bruce Weir and Ziebart Poland CEO, Mr. Bartosz Liszkowski, as well as members of Ziebart management teams from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon and the United States.