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KAIE Application Engineer completes torque wrench calibration certification at Stahlwille, Germany

Kanoo Automotive and Industrial Equipment (KAIE), a division of Ebrahim K. Kanoo, recently launched a Stahlwille-certified torque wrench calibration service for customers in Bahrain. KAIE Application Engineer Ravinder Sharma underwent a special training course in Germany to gain the certification from Stahlwille. The calibration activity follows a specific process and constraints when performed by a service centre. The operation requires specialist torque wrench calibration equipment with high accuracy, and specific area temperature and humidity where the calibration is being performed.

Kanoo Automotive and Industrial Equipment Sales Manager, Sudhindra Kalibhat said: “Calibration is a complicated process that requires a unique set of skills to achieve precision. This is a crucial addition to KAIE’s service portfolio. We are proud to be certified by Stahlwille- Germany, which enables us to make this service available in Bahrain.”

KAIE has partnered with renowned global suppliers for the sale of top-of- the-line automotive and industrial products. KAIE also offers essential services such as consulting, planning, installation and annual maintenance, as well as customised solutions tailored to specific projects.

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