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Complete and comprehensive automotive solutions to keep vehicles looking new and improve their resale value.

Car Care & More

Ziebart International Corporation is the worldwide leader in vehicle appearance and protection services. Since 1959, the company has served the automotive enthusiasts with valuable product and service offerings.

Ziebart has been around for more than 50 years which makes them the ideal choice for services that involve enhancing and maintaining the interior and exterior of cars and trucks. Ziebart is an independent division of Ebrahim K. Kanoo BSC © since 1980, currently operating 9 service centers across Bahrain.

Ziebart Services

Ziebart Bahrain offers its customers a wide-range of products and services which include:

Ziebart rust protection uses a unique sealant which penetrates the seams and crevices, moving stealthily into hidden areas where rust starts. This exclusive high-tech coating is applied with directional spray tools to ensure protection at the right areas.

  • Upper body sealant helps prevent sheet metal rusting
  • Tough coating protects and prevents rust of all underbody surfaces
  • Seals out water, salt and resists abrasion

With decades of experience and highly qualified professionals, Ziebart offers you professional window tint application that will leave you, and your vehicle, feeling better than ever. It keeps the interior of your vehicle cooler in summer, protects the interior from UV sun fade & reduces sun glare.

  • Enhances vehicle appearances
  • Adds personal privacy
  • Rejects up to 65% of sun’s heat
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • 99% UV rejection
  • Adds safety to your vehicle

Gold Care is a special protection which returns your used car to “Showroom Like” condition. Gold care covers cleaning and protection of your vehicle exterior and interior. It is the ultimate solution for car detailing and cleaning. With Gold Care the exterior sparkles, the interior looks clean and feels luxurious.

Diamond Gloss is the toughest paint protection coating on the planet that will give your ride a stunning, glossy shine every day. Unlike over-the-counter waxes and polishes, Diamond Gloss stands the test of time and provides you with showroom sheen every morning. Resin-based and designed to work with your car’s paint, not just on it, Diamond Gloss is the industry standard in paint protection.

Ziebart’s Leather Interiors are manufactured by highly qualified craftsmen using the latest technology and top quality Italian automotive grade leather. The entire leather interior is exact replica of the original factory designs.

  • Designed to replace the factory seat covers completely
  • Finest automotive specification Italian leather
  • Precise CAD design to ensure perfect fitment on specific make, model and year vehicle
  • Manufacturer warranty applicable
  • Backed up by trained and professional installation team that provides advice on the latest leather upholstery styles and innovations to suit your car
  • Virtually invisible polyurethane film applied to car paint surfaces
  • The transparent film invisibly adheres to vehicle paint and does not affect appearance or paint color.
  • Matches new car finish with a virtually invisible glossy finish
  • Provides protection against scratches and nicks from stones, road debris and winter salt and sand
  • Extensive database of shapes of various car models that is used with a plotter cutting system for high precision installation
  • Dirt and spills will not seep in to treated fabric fibers. Instead, they stay on top of the upholstery, making it easy to clean.
  • It repels oil and water-based stains, including coffee spills. Just clean up with a damp cloth.
  • Blocks pollutants, weather and sun’s UV rays.
  • Brings back original gloss and shine
  • Locks in gloss and shine keeps your car “showroom new”
  • Specialized equipment and effective paint blending removes minor scratches and scuffs
  • No more expensive paint jobs for minor damage
  • Saves time and money

Ziebart Wrapping Film also provides innovative dye and coating products for different kinds of solid surfaces, including vehicles.

Through the use of Ziebart Wrapping Film products car colour can be changed easily by spraying special colours directly on vehicle bodies and tyres. This process is quick and has several advantages; the paint can withstand all weather conditions and provides protection for the vehicles' original paint. The product can be removed easily and without leaving any trace when desired.

  • Protects against cargo damage
  • Resistant to gasoline, diesel, kerosene, oil, and many other chemicals
  • Non-skid surface prevents cargo slide
  • Direct bond to metal prevents rust
  • Factory Finish – it will not crack, lift or peel
  • It is waterproof and will not warp in sunlight

Ziebart has created and patented a super tough spray-on protector which strengthen and reinforce the roof of both new and used vehicles.

  • 360o view camera
  • Parking sensors
  • Bluetooth
  • Keyless entries
  • Day time running light
  • Multimedia GPS
  • LED lights
  • Rear headrest DVDs
  • Roof mounted DVDs
  • DVR Mirror
  • HUD heads up display

To live up to our promise as Car Care and More, Ziebart Express is the new concept in the car detailing sector in Bahrain offering aa unique service to mall visitors to ensure ultimate comfort and better customer satisfaction.
Located in Seef Mall Muharraq, Ziebart Express is a one-stop-shop that provides hassle free car care services for all the customers’ inquiries in addition to express cleaning services for their vehicles while they enjoy their time at the mall.

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