Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C.(c)

Toyota Plaza

Toyota Plaza is considered to be one of the largest service centers in the world for Toyota and Lexus . Ebrahim K. Kanoo deployed all the needed resources to build a landmark one stop shop for all Toyota and Lexus customers in Bahrain to make them feel special as they are.

The center total land area is more than 1 million square foot and has more than 260 working bays. It includes a separate workshop for general service with more than 130 hoists. Another working area is designated for body and paint jobs and is equipped with the latest accidents repair and chassis alignment technologies. The most advanced painting systems and quality control techniques are utilized in the Toyota Plaza. For commercial vehicles and forklifts, there is an ideally designed and equipped separate workshop where Coaster buses, Dyna trucks and Toyota Material Handling Equipment will receive highly specialized services.

Toyota Plaza Facilities

In order to realize the goal of building the most convenient one stop shop, Ebrahim K Kanoo had requested one of the most experienced design houses in the region to layout a modern futuristic reception area.

On the other hand, Lexus customers at Toyota Plaza will get a first class treatment similar to those of the leading airlines in their private waiting lounges. As such, Toyota customers will spend the time watching their vehicles being serviced in an open gallery lounge and enjoying our different amenities.


In investing in such a mega service center, Ebrahim K. Kanoo wanted to assure that Toyota and Lexus customers feel delighted with their vehicle ownership experience and understand that the huge Toyota Plaza was established

  • Fully Air Conditioned Facility
  • Insurance Companies Operational Hall
  • Staff Clinic, Recreating Lounges
  • Implementation of Toyota Production System ( TPS)
  • Environment Friendly Waste Management System
  • Manual Washing Lifts.
  • Usage of PG Hybrid ECO Paints
  • Intelligent Operation Management System
  • Abundant Parking Space for Over 1000 Vehicles