Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C.(c)

Lexus Showroom

Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo B.S.C© is the largest distributor of automobiles and automotive products in the Kingdom of Bahrain.Ebrahim K Kanoo B.S.C© have been associated with Lexus products ever since its launch in 1989.With state of the art showrooms and fully equipped service workshops and parts facilities throughout Bahrain, recognition as the automobile distributor offering Ultimate Customer Satisfaction is clearly not only a question of the style, comfort and reliability of our cars.

Lexus Value

L-finesse is the physical expression of all Lexus values, by seamlessly anticipating customer needs, Lexus rewards with the incisive simplicity of the highly advanced yet human-focused technology and the intriguing elegance of Lexus design guarantees lasting satisfaction for all Lexus owners.

Lexus Showroom Bahrain

Lexus Ownership

Lexus ownership brings deep and lasting satisfaction. The offering is unique, combining legendary quality and service with the most advanced technology and design. The rewards satisfy on every level: driving excitement, security, comfort, convenience, peace of mind and personal responsibility. All of this delivered with an unsurpassed level of customer care, making owning a Lexus as amazing as the car itself.

Lexus is dedicated to offering progressive luxury, a personal pleasure and prestige in smooth power, high efficiency, exciting design, advanced technology and premium comfort. It’s satisfaction in the most intelligent innovation and ecological sensitivity. It’s leading-edge thinking that focuses on providing a luxurious customer experience.

Lexus passion for leading-edge innovation is the drive force to move forward with new vigor. We at Ebrahim K. Kanoo share a common vision with Lexus towards customer care and exceeding expectations and every step of the customer journey is a reminder of what makes us different.

Lexus Showroom Bahrain

The multimillion dinar Lexus Showroom which was inaugurated in 2011 was designed and constructed to give customers a sense of exclusive luxury, greater ownership experience and increased delight. For many customers, it is considered the new address for Luxury in the Kingdom.