Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C.(c)

Kanoo Vehicle Leasing

Kanoo Vehicle Leasing owns the largest fleet of vehicles available for lease in The Kingdom of Bahrain, offering customers a wide selection of passenger cars and commercial vehicles from different commercial brands. It is also the leader in providing private companies and government entities with long-term contracts.

The benefits of vehicle leasing from Kanoo are not limited to the wide range of options offered; customers can also expect a professional level of customer care throughout the leasing period. This allows customers to enjoy driving the vehicle of their choice without the burden of ownership.

Kanoo Vehicle Leasing offers comprehensive solutions for the rental and management of fleet vehicles, taking on the task of fleet management, including vehicle insurance and registration, service and maintenance.

Kanoo lease options are flexible and economical, with long term leasing and lease-to-own options available. Vehicles can be provided to customers before the finalization of their contracts, with special offers available for expats.